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‘Modern Warfare 2’ Multiplayer is getting the remaster we’ve been waiting for

Modern Warfare 2 is regarded by fans as one of the most well loved and popular entries into the Call of Duty franchise.

When Activision announced a remaster of the Campaign for Modern Warfare 2, fans were wondering where the multiplayer remaster was. Clearly Activision didn’t want to harm the success they were having with Modern Warfare 2019 and fragment the player base with another multiplayer game, which is the reason it was never made official by Activision

The good news though, is that the multiplayer you know and love from Modern Warfare 2 is still making a comeback, it’s just not the official way.

A team of eight dedicated fans have decided to give the people what they want. They are working around the clock to remaster nine of the games classic maps, including Terminal and Rust. All of the classic weapons, death-streaks and killstreaks will be returning.

The project was revealed yesterday in a Discord Q&A, and the final project should be getting released sometime in 2021, you can keep track of the development in the teams development discord server.

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