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Lightning Storms Have Been Added To Warzone


Another teaser for the upcoming second season of Warzone has lead players to spot a angry thunder and lightning storm making its way across Verdansk.

As Season 1 of Warzone is slowly drawing to a close with the battle pass set to come to an end on the 24th February, fans are already looking toward what might be in store in season 2.

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In-game teasers are no stranger to Warzone either, we saw this happening back in November of last year when Activision started dropping a bunch of hints in Warzone for the new upcoming title. That’s not all either, we have actually already seen some teasers take shape in the past week, players were starting to report earlier this week that they had noticed a new machine inside the hospital in Verdansk.

If that wasn’t enough, players have now discovered yet another teaser for the upcoming season. It appeared in some footage that was uploaded to Reddit a thunder and lightning storm that hovered over Verdansk. ‘SavageSesh’ uploaded the clip to Reddit sharing with other players what they may be in store for in Season 2.

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The caption read “Has anyone else noticed the lightning on Warzone? Anyone know what it means?”

Has anyone else noticed the lightning on Warzone? Anyone know what it means? from r/CODWarzone

The footage was met with a host of comments from other players, with some thinking it was nothing more than a glitch in the game and others trying to find out just where they could find this bizarre phenomenon.

You may have already seen this for yourself, however if you fancy taking a look, you can find it located just outside the fire station if you look towards the airport.

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The official Call of Duty Twitter account also recently dropped a Tweet informing players to be in the game at a certain day and time, could it be that we will see more major teasers released?

Although we don’t know for sure if these storms are an actual concrete teaser or in fact just a bug that has made its way across the Verdansk skyline. However, as more information become available on the new upcoming season we will be sure to keep you updated here at Gamerficial.

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