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Left 4 Dead 2 gets huge new content 11 years after release

Free DLC content will release for Valve’s open-world zombie shooter on September 24 for PC. The content will be titled The Last Stand, and adds a tone of new content to the game.

It’s the first piece of new content to come to the game since 2012 when the Cold Stream campaign was released. And just like that DLC, The Last Stand is a community built creation which is Valve-approved. It was created by more than 30 members who worked closely with the team behind Half-Life: Alyx and took more than 11 months.

The resulting content is an update that contains a tone of new features, new survival maps, reworked animations as well as two brand new mutations and adds some voice lines that were not used in the base game.

New melee weapons have also been added including a pitchfork and a shovel, PvP has also been reworked and enhanced and even bugs that have been present in the game for years have been fixed.

This might not be the last update for the game, the developers behind it have stated they would like to bring even more content to the game if they can get the green light from Valve.

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