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Leatherface’s house has been found in Warzone


You wont be able to sleep after visiting it.

Infinity Ward really are going all out this spooky season. The Hauntung of Verdansk and Modern Warfares Halloween update are now in full swing, with new horror film inspired cosmetics, and a Zombie Royale that lets players play as the undead, all under the cover of darkness. But there’s still plenty more to find.

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The star of Texas Chainsaw Massacre appears as part of his own cosmetic bundle in the update, but he now also apparently lives in Verdansk, and you can visit it.

Head to the structure just to the east fo the main barn in the centre of farmland (the exact location is shown in the video below). A blue spectral presence is visible in the attic, as well as bloody lumps of flesh on the dining room table, splatters on the fridge, and red footprints on the floor.

The most ominous of all though, is the sound of a chainsaw coming from upstairs, when you enter the attic, you’re in for a fright.

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