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Leaks suggest another Modern Warfare map is being added to CoD Mobile


Gameplay has leaked from a chinese beta testing server which suggests that a fan favourite Modern Warfare map is coming to the handheld game in the near future.

Iconic maps from former Call of Duty titles have been added to CoD mobile in almost every major update, the game already has maps from both the Black Ops and the Modern Warfare series and now another from Modern Warfare 2019 is being added to that list.

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Shoot House was introduced to Modern Warfare back in November 2019 in one of the first free updates to the game, and now over a year later it is still one of the more popular maps in the game. Shoot the Ship and Shoot House 24/7 are some of the most requested playlists to this day.

Even though the map is only a little over a year old, it is getting it’s first remake only currently available in the Call of Duty Mobile Beta Test in China.

Players have been getting a first hand taste of the map even before any official communication from the developers. Domination looks to be the only playable game mode so far and almost every detail of the map looks to be the same as in the original.

It’s no surprise Shoot House is one of the most popular maps in Modern Warfare, with it’s faster paced gameplay and the way it plays similar to another favourite map, Nuketown.

Shoot House was one of the first DLC maps to be added to Modern Warfare 2019

SMG’s and Shotguns dominate the map thanks to it’s close quarters layout, so when the map becomes available to the public you’ll want to have a class setup designed for running and gunning.

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For now, the mobile version of the mpa is only available to beta testers, with the beta testing community working to iron out any kinks with the map, and all eyes are currently on the Season 1 update, which also comes with a new map. So it’s unlikely that Shoot House will be available anytime soon.

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