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Leaker reveals more details about Black Ops Cold War Zombies

A prominent Call of Duty leaker has revealed information about the upcoming zombies mode and maps after Treyarch teased it during the multiplayer reveal.

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The highly anticipated reveal finally took place on September 9, sharing plenty of new details about the upcoming game and giving us a look at the early gameplay.

As with all Treyarch titles, fans were eager to get more details on the zombies mode in the game.

The only glimpse we got to see of the zombie mode was a few seconds of gameplay at the end of the trailer, but that was just enough for fans to work out what Treyarch were teasing. Fans were quick to point out the similarities between the stairs in the teaser and the stairs in the map Nacht Der Untoten. Hinting at the iconic maps return to the series.

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Tom Henderson – a prominent leaker in the Call of Duty community has provided fans with even more details, revealing that Nacht Der Untoten would be changed to fit in with the Cold War theme of the game.

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The YouTuber revealed that players would see the building in Nacht Der Untoten turned into a base for the Russian Nuclear program before a zombie outbreak turned things upside down.

“Nacht reused by the Russians for their nuclear program,” he revealed, “Zombie Nazis escape and infect the site (there’s Russian and Nazi Zombies).”

The zombies mode will also feature a brand new cast of characters, with old WW2 weapons being purchasable from the walls, and players will start with a torch instead of a pistol before turning the power on.

It’s still not clear how big the map will be, but fans have also spotted similarities to the map TraZit from Black Ops 2, suggesting that the building in Nacht Der Untoten might only be a small portion of the map.

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