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Leaker insists San Andreas remake is coming soon for next-gen


A leaker has made claims recently that a remake of the 2004 classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is being remade by Rockstar Games.

Image credit: Rockstar Games

Recently, rumours surfaced suggesting that Rockstar would be bringing back three of its most popular games, GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. The remasters would line up with the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3. The leak originated on the GTA forums, posts by well known forum users teased the games with cryptic messages.

One user, Mach1bud started the rumours by posting the word “soon” on a random thread. A little while later another user named WildBrick142 hinted that Mach1bud’s comment was posted in the wrong thread, Mach responded saying it was intentional. Claiming that putting the tease in the right thread would have “been too obvious.” The thread in question was tagged with “GTA III”, “GTA VC”, and “GTA SA”.

A few other messages were posted as what seamed like a tease for old games being remade on a new engine, this seemed a little too good to be true as Rockstar have confirmed numerous times over the years that they have no intentions of remaking old games.

With nothing being confirmed by Rockstar this all relies on the truthfulness of the alleged leakers, and now another leaker has come forward to share information they have about the rumours of upcoming remasters.

The new leaker took part in an AMA and shared some details and predictions that they claim to be “on-the-money” about GTA VI. Reddit user meetsejpal shared parts of the now deleted AMA which mentioned a release date of 2023 for GTA VI, and also teased an upcoming anniversary edition of GTA San Andreas.

Of course, these are just rumours and while we all hope they turn out to be true, its not worth getting too excited until Rockstar announce anything officially. We won’t have long to wait if they are true as GTA Forum users say a trailer for the upcoming remaster trilogy will be releasing soon.

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