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Last Chance to grab Summer Items in the Animal Crossing summer catalogue.

With Animal Crossings: New Horizons’ update for summer arriving earlier than anticipated we were given the gift of some exciting new features!

With every new season in the game it comes with an exciting new array of fish and bugs to catch, those of which you can use to fill those empty spaces in your museum exhibits. Fish that arrived in August were species such as the soft-shell turtle, ray and Moray Eel. Whereas the bugs that arrived in August were Migratory Locust, Rice Grasshopper and the Walker Cicada.

With the summer update also came a further update of items in Nooks catalogue, however this is the last chance to get these limited edition items, you can find them in the catalogue under the seasonal tab and you have until August 31st to get them so don’t miss out on these.

Other exciting features we have been waiting for that finally came into fruition were the ability to save a backup of our islands, so if the worst was to happen to our beloved devices there would be a way in which we would be able to retrieve those, so all is not last.

My favourite part of this update has to be the firework festival, something that’s never been done before in the game. It also was a nice twist that you were able to personalise and create your own fireworks.

Let’s not forget the dreaming! Another fantastic feature that was added to the game injecting another level of life into our plays. Overall I have enjoyed this update and cant wait to see what else Nintendo has is store for us in further updates.


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