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Kelloggs teamed up with Minecraft with new cereal

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There is no question that Minecraft has been a hit with avid gamers. They have now taken the leap from your screen to your breakfast table! Whats better than waking up and pouring a bowl of your favourite game.


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The cereal goes by the name of Creeper Crunch, and is going to be a limited edition product so get yours hands on it while you can. The new breakfast treat consist of cinnamon-flavoured chunks mixed in with building blocks made from spongy green marshmallow. 


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You are now able to experience this cereal as it has started to hit the shelves in stores. Not only is it a tasty morning treat from your favourite game, its also got a super secret code to be found in each box which will unlock a special item of clothing in game! So you can really personalise your character when you play. There are ten different clothing items to collect in total.


The box is finished with Minecraft’s famous artwork which will be a big hit with fans of the game. So make sure you get yours.

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