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Joe Biden Creates Animal Crossing Island to assist with Presidential Campaign

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released back in March this year, since then it has became a viral sensation worldwide with gamers everywhere taking to the game to create their own islands.

Presendtial Candidate Joe Biden has also taken to the game to create his own island, he has teamed up with Kinda Funny Games on this project. Biden will debut his island today for fans to finally see, you can catch this launch over on Kinda Funny Games Twitch channel.

His campaig had alreqdy created yard signs in the game for players to add to their islands in order to show their support.

Now Joe Biden isn’t the first to cross over to the Animal Crossing side, there has been many brands that have also used the games platform in the past. Selena Gomez held a virtual concert with Trevor daniel in the game, along with Hellmans who created their own Mayonnaise island. KFC have also jumped on the trend and opened a virtul restaurant island for players to visit.

The game itself has became especially popular over the recent months will tens of thousands of players taking to the game during the global lockdown.

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