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Is Franklin’s Thanksgiving Furniture going to be returning to Animal Crossing?

Fans are waiting to hear from Nintendo when the fall update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released and what new feautures it is going to include.

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One of the characters fans are hoping to see a return from is Franklin, who is the Turkey chef. He has appeared n previous versions of the game and shows up usually around Thanksgiving time.

Image Credit: Nintendo

He appears while the Harvest Festival is taking place, he would ask players for their help with his cooking. He would ask players to do various tasks such as bringing him ingredients he needs to make particular Thanksgiving dishes.

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When fans had completed said tasks he would then reward them with a peice of his limited edition furniture. There was a full series of Harvest Festival Furniture for gamers to collect in previous titles such as New Leaf.

Today is the Harvest Festival in Animal Crossing, so I collected the Harvest furniture set from Franklin the turkey. from r/Gamecube

The image shows the collection featured in the New Leaf version of the game.

Items in this collection included:

  • Harvest Rug
  • Harvest Mirror
  • Harvest Wall
  • Harvest Sofa
  • Harvest Wall Lamp
  • Harvest Table
  • Harvest TV
  • Harvest Lamp
  • Harvest Bed
  • Harvest Dresser
  • Harvest Bureau
  • Harvest Clock
  • Harvest Chair

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Fans are hoping that we will see Franklin back again along with his furniture and decorations. However we won’t know for certain what the new update will include until Nintendo release official details.

Fans wait eagerly in hopes that announcements on the update will be dropped soon to see if any of their favourite features will be returning.

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