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How will Black Ops Cold War work with Warzone? What we know so far


Fans have been waiting eagerly for the fast approaching release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The game itself will be launched on November 13, it will eventually be Warzone as Activision has previously revealed that they had plans in the works to continue with the mode and flood it with new content.

The release of the game comes after a positive response from the multiplayer beta. Warzone will stay active when access through Call o Duty Modern Warfare app, as it will not be meshed into the game until December this year.

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Unfortunately this means Warzone will not be accessible after the release of the game, fans are waiting eagerly on a concrete date in which it will be integrated with the main game, however there hasn’t been any dates set in stone just yet.

It is expected to make the merge at the launch of Cold War’s Season one, however fans are left in the dark until then regarding possible content in the game or what new features we can expect to see.

Players are hopeful that the next chapter of the game could introduce us to an entirely brand new map, with seasoned players being familiar with Verdansk it could bring a fresh look to the game to bring with it a new map or even some major changes to the current map.

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Fans are excited at the possibility of new weapons potentially making an appearance in the game after the switch, as currently the weapons are the same as those used in Modern Warfare.

Since then Activision have confirmed that there will be an option for gamers playing Warzone to choose between their own custom loadouts from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare.

Of course there is no way to tell exactly what we can expect from the switchover in December, fans can only wait it out and see what time will bring.

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