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How to unlock the new Clever melee weapon blueprint in Warzone


We’ve been treated to a bunch of new spooky themed content with the release of Warzone and Modern Warfare’s Halloween event, but among the most popular of the new items, is the Clever melee weapon.

During Haunting of Verdansk, you’ll be able to drop into a new Zombie Royale mode, as well as getting the new Operator packs based on popular Horror franchises, Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

There’s also Trick or Treat which offers the opportunity to earn a host of new weapons and cosmetic items from around the map, but you have to know where to go to find them.

The Clever is easily one of the most popular weapons, with fans being eager to get their hands on it, but it isn’t easy to do.

In the ‘Halloween Event’ tab, the description says the weapon is unlockable in the Gulag, but you’ve actually got to head to the prison in the southeast corner of the map to unlock it.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the new weapon:

  1. Land at the prison, or land close to it and make your way over there as soon as you can.
  2. Head to the underground section, this is where the Gulag showers are located.
  3. Make sure you are alone before you open any chests
  4. Start opening the supply crates, unfortunately, it is completely random wether or not the cleaver will unlock, and there is no way to know which of the boxes in the showers will have the Clever.
  5. Look out for a banner across your screen saying “Gulag loot found. Blueprint unlocked.”
  6. If this pops up, the blueprint will now be added to your inventory. You can continue with the match, or leave straight away.

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