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Animal Crossing: Everything You Need to Create an Awesome Pumpkin Patch this Halloween

Finally the holiday we’ve all be waiting for is just around the corner and fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the new update will include.

The update should be gracing us with its presence any day now as Nintendo have already stated that it is ‘around the corner’.

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Many players are already getting into the Halloween spirit by decorating their island will spooky decor and furniture. An area that we are all loving this year so far has to be the pumpkin patch!

With so many players jumping on the pumpkin patch bandwagon we wanted to join too, so we had a look and found some of the best patched for inspiration.

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We have compiled some of the best pumpkin patches for you along with some spooky designs!

Pumpkin Designs

This design is a pumpkin hat! Players are using these as pumpkins top decorate their houses and pumpkin patch areas.

Here is another hat pumpkin design you can use to fill your pumpkin patches. This pumpkin has a more menacing glare, perfect for decorating your spooky island.

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More pumpkin hate designs, this design also doubles up as a trick or treat bowl!

This is another way you can use custom designs to create a pumpkin patch, this is a good way to go if you prefer a flatter look. These designs you can lay right on the ground.

Another cute little pumpkin hat design.

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This is the perfect design to pop outside your patch.

Pumpkin Patches

We love this cute and organised pumpkin patch.

Another cute patch of pumpkins ready to be picked.

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We love this patch, the hay adds the perfect touch!

This patch gives off the perfect natural fall vibe.

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This pumpkin patch is situation in the garden for perfect picking.

This patch has to be our favourite, the fall colours compliment the leaf paths so well.

This patch is amazing! Each pumpkin has its own designated space and are safely separted by the hay bales. The wheelbarrow gives the cutest touch.

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Another cute little pumpkin patch!

We love this overgrown look with the patch tucked away in the back.

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Love this patch complete with a barn.

This patch looks super cosy surrounded by the bonfire and tiki torches.

This pumpkin patch gives the perfect fall and harvest feel.

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How will you decorate yours?

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