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Hints dropped by CoD Mobile devs of new Scorestreak coming in Season 11

It has been hinted at by CoD Mobile, the possibility that a new scorestreak will be making an appearance in Season 11.

Image credit: Activision

It is no secret the Call of Duty series has become popular with players worldwide, with the CoD Mobile taking lots of features from other popular games in the series.

Fans are waiting for Season 11 to drop and so far they have been kept in the dark until now…

Devs have dropped hints that there may be a new scorestreak coming that players will be able to utilise soon. With many features across all of the Call of Duty series, such as weapons, maps, characters and different modes, players are always on the lookout for more.

While there wasn’t any further information on what the scorestreaks may be, fans have speculated it could be the likes of Blackbird, V-Sat or Advanced UAV as they have all played the same part in previous titles in the series and wouldn’t be anything new.

They are remaining tight lipped about what else could be featured in the long awaited Season 11. They have let slip however that fans are in store for ‘great surprises’ and there will be two teasers on their way that will be released in early October.

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