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Players are hiding under the Prison in yet another game-breaking Warzone glitch

Players can phase out of the map under neath the prison in a new glitch, making them completely invisible to enemy players.

Wall breaches and out of map glitches are nothing new, they’ve been around for as long as video games have existed, especially in Call of Duty games. But as games get more and more competitive, its gets increasingly frustrating to be killed by a player abusing a wall breach.

The launch of season 5 brought in a new glitch allowing players to hide underneath the prison int the south-east corner of the map, and lots of players have started to abuse it.

The prison is an incredibly busy place of interest in Warzone, it’s filled with loot and contracts making it a great place to land if you want to jump right into the action for the kills and the money, as well as this, zones will often end on prison so landing there can ensure you have a good end zone position later in the game.

With this new glitch, players might want to avoid prison for the foreseeable future, as player could literally be hiding underneath you. Completely invisible to you and anyone else above the ground, and yes, they can kill you through the floor. There isn’t anything you can do to counter it if they start to shoot at you.

Prison glitch/exploit from CODWarzone

Players have been posting in the Warzone subreddit in order to bring it to the attention of the developers.

This has to end.. how do you find this fun? from CODWarzone

Infinity Ward have a good track record when it comes to fixing game breaking exploits quickly, so hopefully they’ll be on top of this as soon as possible.  It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t try this, you can be reported for exploiting things like this in game which could result in your account getting banned.

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