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Hidden Things You Missed in Animal Crossing’s Update Trailer

Finally Nintendo has gave us all what we’ve been waiting for! The reveal trailer for the Halloween update launching 30th September.

The trailer showed players what they are in store for this Halloween, with the addition of a pumpkin patch to add to your island, along with pumpkin decor and DIYS. They have also introduced new Halloween costumes, face paint and coloured contact lenses.

However, recently YouTuber NintenTalk released a video diving into the trailer’s finer details and made some very interesting observations. He pointed out some major points that you’ve probably missed while initially watching the trailer.

Trailer Hidden Features


In the first frame we notice the different pumpkin decorations, such as the pumpkin arch and a stack of pumpkins. However you may have missed notices towards the back of the island there is a stand alone pumpkin. This frame of the trailer also feautures a pumpkin scarecrow in the back.

Pumpkin Fences

The key part in this frame which we may have missed seems to be the brand new pumpkin fences that are dotted around this part of the island. It is unclear if this is actually a fence as no where in the trailer we are able to see two parts of this ‘fencing’ connected to one another.

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Pumpkin Starter

Now we all know from the trailer that we are going to be able to grow and farm our own pumpkins, however it’s shows in Nooks Cranny when the character is purchashing candy that it seems to be what we can only describe as a pumpkin starter next to it. We dont know for sure if this is the case but it looks very well like it might be, after checking out the next frames with the actual pumpkin patch itself to compare it to.

Pumpkin Patch

As it shows in the trailer in the characters pumpkin patch there are pumpkins of different colours. It shows white, green, yellow and orange pumpkins and they seems to be growing in bunches of 1-3 pumpkings. Currently we are unsure how you grow a bunch as a opposed to just one? And how do you grow the different colours? The trailer also shows the character watering the pumpkins, do we have to water them in order for them to grow?

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Pumpkin DIYS

We have a stand alone pumpkin in this frame of the video, it is unclear if this is an item that needs to be crafted or could it potentially be a pumpkin that has been harvested and placed?

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New Items

NintenTalk also mentions in the video that he has noticed a candy bowl filled with sweets and candy next to the door. There is also clearly visible in the video a new haybale, previous we have had in the game a hay bed. The hay bed only allows you to lie on top of it, you are not able to place any items on top of it, however it shows later in the trailer that this new haybale supports items being placed on top of it.

We can also notice there is a Jack-o-lantern in the back of the frame placed on top of the barrell. There is another hidden item hidden behind the log bench which seems to be a pumpkin stool. Will this be an item we need to craft or could it be something that will be gifted by Jack?

New Clothing

The trailer shows a new range of Halloween costumes availble to purchase in Able Sisters, however as the video changes over to the area where you are able to apply face paint and change eye colour, the character is now wearing some new leggings and shoes we haven’t seen before?

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Halloween Night

It is shown with Resident Services fully decorated with bat lights and pumpkin stacks. Villagers have congragated in this area dressed in different costumes which gives us a further look at what costumes may be available.


The character hands a villager some candy however the trailer only shows the first line of dialogue in the villagers response. This leaves it to our imagination what else the villager has to say, we would assume that in this situation the village would maybe give a reward, of course we can’t say until the update becomes available.

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Nook Phone

There is new reactions that players can use straight from their phones. It is shown the two new reactions that players can use ‘scare’ and ‘haunt’.

New Levels?

In the grave yard scene in the trailer in the bottom left of the screen it shows the top of a pumpking which seem to be underground? Could it be that we are being able to build and extra level and place things on top of it? Or is a pumpkin that is somehow floating on water?

Jack Mask

It is shown near the end of the trailer a villager dressed up wearing Jack’s mask. Could it be that Jack hands thed out as rewards?

November Update

At the end of the trailer Nintendo let us know that we are in store for another update in November. It gives us clues that we will be expecting Franklin and Jingle in one update.

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Japanese Trailer

NintenTalk talks us through the differences noticed in the Japanese trailer. For the most part the trailer is exactly the same as the previous trailer we have already seen, until the scene depicting Halloween Night. It has a congregation of different villagers than that of the first trailer. In this scene it shows us more possible Halloween Costumes, it also shows us a villager wearing what looks like Jack’s robe.

Could it be that we will see Jack’s furniture collection coming back, we have seen this in previous AC games.

The update will be available to download Septmeber 30th.

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