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Haunting of Verdansk Halloween Event has started in Warzone


A brand new Halloween themed event called The Haunting of Verdansk has started in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, everything you need to know about the event is below.

Halloween is creeping closer and closer and Infinity Ward have decided to give us a great new event to end Modern Warfare’s first year. It’s called the Haunting of Verdansk and it’s perfect for the spooky season.

It kicked off on Tuesday October 2nd and will run for two weeks until Tuesday November 3rd. it features a nighttime version of Warzone Verdansk map, new cosmetic items themed on the classic horror films Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, new game modes, rewards, and a whole lot more.

Watch the trailer below:

Haunting of Verdansk has its own roadmap

The full roadmap for The Haunting of Verdansk in Warzone and Modern Warfare

What is new in Warzone?
It was teased months ago, but the new nighttime version of the Verdansk map is now live in the game, featuring a Trios and Plunder Mode, with more modes becoming available at a later date.

You best believe the entire community are going to be running thermal scopes on their weapons in order to see enemies in the dead of the night, so it’s probably a good idea to have Cold Blooded on your Warzone class to hide from these scopes.

Trick or Treat
Throughout the event, the nighttime version of the map will include 16 specially-marked Trick or Treat chests, which include 16 new cosmetic items including Blueprints, weapons, charms, and more.

Be careful with these new chests, as the name suggests some of these will include tricks instead of treats, so you might be in for a “terrifying fright” when opening them.

A legendary assault rifle blueprint will be awarded to players who are able to collect all 16 cosmetics, called the Pumpkin Punisher, pictured below.

Zombie Royale
The new limited time mode that allows players to come back to life as a zombie instead of being sent to the Gulag. The zombies aren’t able to carry weapons, but they do have some special abilities that include increased speed, higher jumps, and deadlier melee attacks. As well as thermal vision.

Turning into a zombie doesn’t mean you cant take home the win, as players will have the chance to return to the game as a human, and rejoin their squad, all they have to do is collect two syringes dropped by human players when they die, this will put you back into the game with your loadout.

The last team to have a surviving human operator will win the game, even if the rest of their squad is a zombie.

Zombie Royale is a new limited time mode added with The Haunting of Verdansk update

Halloween Themed Updates
Infinity Ward have also added a few small changes to fit in with the Halloween theme, these include players on a kill-streak of three or more having their head turn into a Jack-o-lantern. While it seems like this is just a cosmetic change, it lets players on the enemy team know who is on a roll and needs to be stopped before getting their next killstreak.

Scarecrows now replace the flags in Domination points, and skulls now appear instead of the usual dog tags in kill confirmed, as well as a few other visual effects in other modes.

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