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Halo Infinite Facing Further Delays

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After being announced that Halo Infinite was facing delays, its looks possible it may be considered dropping the Xbox One version.

Credit: Microsoft

It was confirmed by Microsoft that the delays had pushed the release into 2021. It is said that 343 Industries had claimed on their website there was multiple factors that had pushed the delay, one of which being the current COVID-19 pandemic. They have said to be taking on feedback, as the game had been critisised by players and also in the media regarding its graphics and they feel the game has not been advanced much further than the previous game.

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It has been a sudden turn of events, as the it has gone from fans eagerly waiting for the new drop to a bit of a sticky situation as is it said that Microsoft have considered cancelling the Xbox One version altogether.

Credit: Microsoft

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This information at the moment has came from Sponger, a verified Restera user, the forums moderators have also marked him as a reliable source. Sponger who has previously given accurate information on related games claims that it could result in the release even being postponed to 2022.


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If this does end up being the case it would be a loss for Microsoft as Halo Infinite was the very first game confirmed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. All we can do is sit and wait for further updates regarding the release.

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