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Guy buys 5 PlayStation 5s just to carry on an 11-year-old joke

Five PS5s. Yes, you read that right. YouTuber LoadingReadyRun uploaded a ridiculous video 11 years ago about him owning 3 PlayStation 3s. Years later he followed it up with another video about him owning 4 PlayStation 4s.

You can probably guess where this is going already but, his latest video is called Five PlayStation 5s and in it he proudly gloats about owning five next-generation consoles, while most of use are lucky to even own one.

He goes on to justify why one person would even need that many consoles, explaining that the consoles are evenly distributed throughout the house to ensure even coverage. One in the bedroom, one in his home theatre, one in the bathroom, another in the ensuite and even one in the garden.

If we weren’t already jealous enough, he also owns an Xbox Series X.

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