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GTA returning to Liberty City with the PS5 release

The leaker, who accurately predicted that Grand Theft Auto V was being launched on PlayStation 5 as well as other online details, has revealed some information about upcoming Rockstar projects.

Markothemexicam’, a leaker who claims to have a roommate who used to work at Rockstar North before being let go from his job along with 100 other employees.

In his latest post in the r/gtaonline subreddit he claims that the upcoming GTA Online update is going to be centred around a prostitution business as well as the Mile High Club building (the skyscraper construction in Los Santos) will eventually be opening.

As well as this, the new and ‘final’ update for GTA Online will be releasing in December 2020, and it will be the new heist. “I think that he [roommate] was referring to the last update for the older generation.

The new location is Liberty City, Niko Bellic is returning and he will be voiced by Michael Hollick who voiced him in GTA IV. The heist will be about robbing gold reserves in Liberty City. More freemode activities and quick jobs will be added to the new location and all future updates will be for PS5 and for the Liberty City map.


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