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GTA Online: Back to the Future Easter Egg Discovered in Cayo Perico


It didn’t take long for GTA Online players to find the new Easter egg located in Cayo Perico.

Throughout the GTA franchise, there has been a nod to lots of thing from the real world, with most featuring an outrageous twist.

In previous games in the series we have seen references made to a number of movies. We have seen in GTA V lots of references to Lost and Breaking Bad along with No Country for Old Men and James Bond.

Over time this became a game in itself with players trying to locate as many of these nods to iconic movies as they could. This hasn’t always proved to be the easiest task either, with many of these references incredibly well hidden and a challenge to find within the game.

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However recently players have uncovered the latest nod to Back to the Future located in Cayo Perico. Although for those who have noticed, there were a few references to Back to the Future in GTA V too such as the Deluxo turning into the DMC Delorean and also having the ability to fly, similarly to the one of Doc Brown’s.

The discovery was made when Reddit user ‘SaintPenguinThe3rd’ took to the platform to share his findings. The image uploaded shows that next to El Rubio’s compound, one of the power stations has the reference of Slap Bang on it.

Thought this was a cool Easter eggi found while doing the heist. 1.21 GW from r/gtaonline

Although it is still a relativly small easter egg, it probaly goes unoticed to most but is still a cool find. Your sure to enjoy this one if your a fan of the movie!

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