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GTA 6 map location revealed by leaker


If you read our coverage of the GTA Online leaks that revealed a new location and details about the upcoming update , you’ll be familiar with the leaker “markothemexicam”. A leaker who claims his roommate is an ex Rockstar North employee.

Marko says his roommate didn’t work directly on Grand Theft Auto 6, but did do some programming related to it. He claims the new game will take place in Vice City during an unknown time period.

The game will have weather systems that affect NPCs, for example “random lightning strikes” similar to those in Red Dead Redemption 2. He says we can expect an announcement “next year” but he wasn’t given a deadline.


Can we trust the leaker?

Earlier this year, Marko made a post in the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit where he revealed details about Grand Theft Auto Online, which later came true.

“Next GTA Online update deadline is July 2020, but might be moved to August 2020,” He said in one of his posts. It turns out he was right, as Rockstar later announced the update would be arriving this summer.

He accurately predicted GTA Vs port to the PS5, and he also said that all of the GTA Online content would be coming to single player campaign: “Every vehicle and weapon and other content from Online will be added to story mode and that they are planning to add new system of discovering the vehicles, like legendary bike and similar to RDR 2 animal collecting.”

We can never be sure that leaks are accurate until Rockstar make their official announcement, so take all of this with a grain of salt, but with the accuracy of his leaks in the past, I’m hopeful.

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