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GTA 6 Cars and Missons Could be in the Testing Stages in GTA Online

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for an annoucement regarding GTA 6, however it has now came to the attention of some GTA online players that Rockstar could be testing new cars and missions online.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

There is no way to tell if this is actually the case at the moment, but players have been speculating that this may be happening. They have come to this conclusion as they have noticed a couple of feautures in the game, specifically about the cars that have been added. This has lead them to believe it could be a testing stage for GTA 6.

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Rumour has it that Rockstar have been improving vehicles from around 2017, such as adding additional details to the physics and destructability. It has also been said they have been working on specifically the vehicle interiors to add a lot of extra detailing.

It was also reported by players that they had noticed these particluar vehicles that have been added seem to possess engines that have been a lot more detailed than previous models.

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It could be said that a lot of these cars have been created with the future release of GTA 6 in mind. However it is not just the vehicles gamers are noticing, it has also been noted about particular missions.

An example of this in GTA online is the Casino Heist as the mission style is a ot more nonlinear that other missions that have previously been featured.

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Of course there is no way to tell if this theory is correct as of yet. Fans will have to hang fire an wait for an official annoucement from Rockstar.

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