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Grand Theft Auto comes to Nintendo Switch, Kind of

Grand Theft Auto 3 has been ported to Nintendo Switch, although it has not made its way their officially, modders have found a way to port the game into the system.

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GTA 3 was origianlly released back in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and instantly became popular amongst gamers.

In order to be able to play on the Switch, players will need to download the custom firmware and the GTA zip file. They would then need to place it onto an SD card and put into their Switch.

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This would then allow gamers to run the game sucessfully on their Switch. It was created by a group of dedicated modders who were able to make this a possibility for Switch fans.

The game has been modded to look exactly like the original, with menu screens looking exactly as they originally did on the PlayStation.

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Over the years the game has also been modded to run on a variety of different consoles and platforms. Up to now the game has not had an official realease for Switch so this will help tide fans over who were eager to play!

Players can only hope that in future Rockstar consider an official release for Switch and even more mobile-home consoles!

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