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Gamers demand controversial Juggernaut be removed from Warzone


Recently their has been heated debates over whether Juggernaut should be removed from Warzone, this has caused controversy amongst players as not all gamers agree with this.

It is no secret Warzone has become a viral sensation with millions of players worldwide taking a stab at the battle royale game. The game itself harbours features that set it aside from other battle royale games, while there is some similarities there are also some extra beneficial features at play such as loadout drops and killstreaks.

Within the game itself there are also plenty of iconic Call of Duty features at play such as Juggernauts. Recently they have became a touchy topic of conversation as many gamers have called for them to be removed completely from normal matches, whereas other gamers feel quite the opposite.

IW please remove juggernaut from warzone. makes zero sense to have it in normal modes from r/CODWarzone

Players have taken to social media to express their concerns that it is making matches too easy, with players racking up back to back solo wins.


Fans have also pointed out that completing the Subway Easter Egg would have usually gave access to a variety of bonuses and perks, whereas now on completion a Juggernaut is guaranteed.

It has been suggested that this immense killstreak may possibly only be available in limited time modes, and called for it to be removed from every other mode that is not limited time.

This has left the Cod community divided as other players have disagreed with this idea, many have suggested that it can be used to your advantage as if you come across an enemy using the Juggernaut you are able to fight them at long range and pick them off.

Fans are holding their breath to see if there is going to be any major changes as they are waiting to cross over into Black Ops Cold War. The games developers have taken on feedback since the games release, so only time will tell what changed may be made in future.

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