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Fortnite Fued Leaves Game Split in Two

The battle continues between Epic Games and Apple, which has left some Fortnite fans cancerned as when the new update drops it will leave players on Apple devices unable to play the new season.


Following an annoucement from Epic Games, it has been reported that Season 4 of Fortnite will not be available on iOS. The new season which is going to be a Marvel themed release is due to drop on August 27th.

The game is essentially going to be split into two, as Apple users can still play with other Apple users, however they are unable to cross play with any console players, those using Android or a PC to play the game.

Players using consoles, Android or PC will have new content to enjoy, whereas Apple users will miss out on this update and unfortunley wont be able to advance any further with the game.


Apple have now pulled the game from the app store, and have blocked any further updates on the game as Epic Games are said to have broken Apple’s policies. Epic Games developer accounts have been planned to be terminated by Apple, however they have currently been blocked from doing so.

Unfortunatley Fortnite will remain unable for download in the App Store unles Epic Games decide to agree to Apples Policies.


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