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Fortnite adds tribute to Chadwick Boseman with Black Panther Statue

Epic Games have added a tribute to Chadwick Boseman in Fortnite, following the Black Panther stars passing late last week at just 43 years old. A Black Panther statue has been added to the map one week into the games Marvel themed season of content.

We don’t know if Epic always intended to include references to Black Panther in the season, but it’s likely the passing of Boseman inspired them to add it to the map sooner rather than later.

Players have been grateful to be able to jump into the game and head for the statue to pay their respects to the man who played King T’Cahalla.

Chadwick Boseman's Death Will Alter Fortnite, Avengers' Black Panther Plans

Fans are also asking Epic to add a Black Panther skin to the game, with the proceeds from the skin going to a charity for cancer research. It’s probably only a matter of time before epic includes King T’Challa in the game, but whether the money goes to charity or not is up to epic.

The actors passing was confirmed by his family last week, In a statement posted on his Twitter account they revealed he had been battling with stage 3 colon cancer since 2016 with it later progressing to stage 4. Amazingly he was still filming during his battle.

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