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First look at Warzone night mode and Halloween event

Activision have finally announced that Warzone will be getting a limited time Halloween-themed content updated called ‘Haunting in Verdansk’. It will be the first seasonal event to come to the battle royale game and it looks as though a night mode will be coming.

Seasonal events have been in Call of Duty games for quite some time, with the major holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and summer usually being the time for major events.

Modern Warfare and Warzone never really got any of these events, excluding the small Games of Summer content update that was released in the middle of season 5 which was woeful when compared to season updates from recent years. That looks to be changing.

At the end of the season 6 reveal trailer which was released a day before the season went liv, Activision and Infinity Ward teased the Haunting in Verdansk event for Warzone, which is bringing some spooky content to the battle royale portion of the game.

Activision say the event will last just under two weeks and will begin on October 20 and run until November 3, ending little under a month before this season is due to end.

The season 6 road map also states that the event will bring brand new limited time modes although it doesn’t mention what they are just yet.

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However, if past leaks are to be believed, a Zombie Royale mode and a night map will be released at some point this season, and the trailer even gives a sneak peak at what we can expect from the night mode.

A short glimpse of night mode was shown in the trailer

Its not confirmed that the night mode will be part of the Halloween update, but that is the most likely way it will be introduced into the game by how well it fits the theme, but it will likely be it’s own ‘night mode’ playlist as well as part of the event.

Another image from the trailer shows the Warzone plane dropping players into the game, while a massive full moon shines in the night sky.

Details on what we can expect from the zombie mode are very scarce, with the only information we have to go off being the leaked audio files that suggest the player will be forced to fight the undead in some way. The zombies will be immune to the gas and might even be able to gain special abilities from it, and Hellhounds will spawn in areas around the map.

Activision also showed a finisher that features a bat, another Halloween themed item. On top of this, leaks have suggest Nikolai from Call of Duty Zombies mode will be joining the operators in some way, and a Jason Voorhees inspired outfit will be added to the store.

A laugh at the end of the trailer clearly inspired by Jigsaw from the Saw movie franchise could be heard. So who knows what other horror movie icons we could see joining the game, maybe Michael Myers and Predator will be returning again after they featured briefly in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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