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Finally a use for your spoiled turnips on Animal Crossing Hellmanns ‘Mayonnaise Island’

There’s nothing worse than suddenly remembering you haven’t sold your turnips yet, but it’s too late, they’ve spoiled. Hellmanns came up with a way you could put your spoiled turnips to good use.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Hellmanns have created an island in where you could visit and drop off your unwanted spoiled turnips. For every turip they received they donated a meal to Second Harvest. This is a charity that sends out food that has not been sold before it goes to waste to a huge selection of social service organizations.

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The island was being booked uo very quickly each day with slots open from 3pm-12pm, players were sending messages to Hellmans via twitter, in which they were allocated a time slot and given a dodo code so they were able to visit the island. They then dropped off their spoiled turnips when they reached the island.

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It was a such a successful project, they managed to hit their goal of 25,000 meals. the project ran until August 21st in which they were overwhelemed by players contributions.

The island still remains however, although you can’t donate anymore turnips you are able to visit the island through their dream address.

Other companies have made Animal Crossing Islands int the past too, for exmaple Gillette Venus also made an island. They provied a series of codes for players to add to their characters a variety of skin conditions and attributes.

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Animal Crossing has proved very popular with players worldwide, especially during the recent pandemic. With many players turning to the game in lockdown. It has become a sensation.

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