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Fast travel is coming to Warzone with the new subway system

Infinity Ward and Activision have released brand new details about the subway system in Call of Duty: Warzone, letting us know that it is going to be essentially a fast-travel system, changing the game up significantly.

Travelling from one side of the map to the other in Warzone can be quite tedious. Even when you travel in a vehicle it can be a bit of a pain with people throwing C4 at your car or trying to shoot down your helicopter, but its not supposed to be a walk in the park.

In the last season the developers introduced a train to the map to give players a constant form of travel around the map. Unfortunately it doesn’t get a lot of use, players don’t have time to wait for the train to come back around, and it ventures into the gas.

The subway train will stop at seven locations around Verdansk

Activision have now explained how the train system will work in Warzone, and if it works how they intended, it will completely change up the game. The update will go live with season 6 on September 29.

The developers have said the subway will act as a fast travel system, which hasn’t been seen in any battle royal game before. Players will find subway stations around the map, they can go into them and select one of two other stations to travel to, and it appears the train wont move if players are fighting on either the train or the tracks, and locations outside of the playable area will not be available for selection.

Players still have a lot of questions they would like answered, is there a physical train that moves, or does it just teleport them to the other side, will players be able to shoot their gun on the train.

We wont need to wait long for answers, as the new update is only days away at this point.

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