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Fan favourite sniper is coming back in Modern Warfare

Season 5 could be the most anticipated season yet.

Data miners are back at work scouring through new files that get added with each update to Modern Warfare. New weapons have been found in the files, including the Intervention.


The gun first appeared in Modern Warfare 2, and was a big hit with the quick scoping community.

Since then, other weapons from previous titles have come back for nostalgia, as well as being a lot of fun the use. The intervention hasn’t been seen since Infinite Warfare.

BKTOOR, a data miner in the community as made some interesting discoveries while browsing through the files. Finding the ‘sn_remoe700’ likely to be a Remington Model 700. Aside from that, he also posted an image to Twitter showing the Intervention found in the game files.

Fans could see these being released later this season, or they could have to wait until season 5. Data miners have proven themselves to be accurate in previous data mines, giving some credibility to the leaks.

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