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Fall Guys Reveals Shocking Images of Characters Gruesome Internal Anatomy

Fans were shocked when Fall Guys devleoper Mediatonic took to twitter to disclose the internal structure of the much loved Fall Guys characters.

Fall Guys has took the world by storm proving to be a viral sensation amongst gamers. Players have been wondering just what exactly is under those bean shaped suits.

It was easy to mistake this characters for being smaller than they are intended to be, however its hard to believe that each character is actually human sized.

However once you have wrapped your head around that, take a look at the concept imagery that was shared by the Fall Guys devs, depicting a shocking sight for many players.

The image first of all shows a human for scale indicating the characters are the same size as us at a scaringly 6ft. The tweet then goes on to depict a skull with eyes popping out dangling from tendons.

There is also a hugely bent spine and also back bending bird-like legs. The long curving arms are met with claw like hands and also a curved torso.

Once you have seen this you cant unsee it, they even stated in the tweet ‘we can’t take it back’, they also stated a very sinister ‘This Fall Guy is happy, look into his eyes’.

Its hard to believe this adorable and cute characters could have such a horrifying truth behind the brighly coloured suits.

They elborated by saying they knew the characters would not be marketable in this form so they proceeded to give them the brighly coloured squishy suits we have all come to know.

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