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Fall Guys is sending players to a weird level with deceased jelly beans

Fall Guys has rapidly became a viral sensation with players tuning in to battle each other worlwide, in an attempt to win the sought after crown.

If you have ever played the game yourself, you have probably wondered what it would be like if all of the jelly beans were to lifelessly fall to the floor.

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Players yesterday found themselves just in that position as randomly lifeless jelly beans surrounded them mid play.

They took to Twitter to share with player what exactly had happened, thinking they had broken the game, they posted screenshots of the issues they were currently facing.

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Their photos show their avatars surrounded by lifeless jellybeans, what was also very strange was that each jelly bean seemed to be dressed the same. Each wearing a red and green skin and they lay there motionless.

It appears that Mediatonic had throw in a secret feature in a ‘Cheeky Shoutout’ to themselves. Apprently it is a very low percentage that you will see this and most players will never reach this stage.

They continued to say that there is a very low probability that this situation is likely to take place in a game. I’m sure this has given players everywhere incentive to try and find this secret feature within the game.

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