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Fall Guys is coming to Mobile, kind of

Its no secret that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the gaming world by storm! It is becoming more and more popular with gamers all over the world. This highly addictive game is about to hit mobile platforms, currently this is only going to be available to players in China, but could that mean we will follow suit.

The game so far has been a huge hit, after the first 24 hours of release it reached a massive 1.5 million players, immediately going viral. Bilibili have secured the publishing rights to create this mobile version in China, it is currently already available on PS4 and PC as it continues to go viral worldwide. The choice to extend this game to the mobile platform will extend the reach of this game by millions of players which will aid in the games continued success. 

Slime Climb 45.01s from FallGuys

The game itself has also recently just undergone an update which fixed some bugs players experienced during gameplay. There is talks of the games second season, something for avid payers to keep an eye open for in future, hopefully the seance run will include new updates and exciting new multiplayer games.

We can only hope that soon it will become accessible world wide mobile, or on other gaming platforms such as Xbox or Nintendo.

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