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Fall Guys had a secret ‘Cheater Island’

Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout has became a viral sensation amongst gamers in the recent months. With millions of players battling against each other with hopes of winning the crown.

Image Credit: Mediatonic

It has been noted along the way that they have experienced some issues with players cheating in the game, however Mediatonic had reported last week that the game is due a huge update that will help in cracking down on cheaters.

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When first released the game had a system in place where it was able to detect cheating, and in turn they launched ‘Fall Guys Cheater Island’. The island was a place where cheaters were sent to play against other cheaters.

Mediatonic however had to make sure they had enough data so that they were capturing the right players, in turn they were lowering the threshold for cheating to make sure there were no false positives.

While a good idea in theory this however left some players falling infinetley as Cheater Island runs on its own set of global servers, the cheating player would need enough people cheating in their area to be able to start a cheater game.

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Image Credit: Mediatonic

Sometimes this left players stuck on the loading screen as there weren’t enough players to start a game on the island, while many were left thinking this was a bug, Mediatonic remained tight lipped regarding the situation.

Cheaters then began to catch on and started findign ways to get around it such as playing family sharing or with friends who were non-cheaters. To stop this happening Mediatonic have said they are now stopping cheating players from logging in at all.

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