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Warzone leak has MW2 fans excited for Season 5

Can we get a plumber to Activision HQ asap please.

Image Credit: Activision

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped last week, an underwhelming addition to both Warzone and the full multiplayer portion of the game. Fans complained about huge download sizes with very little in the way of content. However, leaks are suggesting the best is yet to come.

Season 5 is expected to drop later this summer, and it already has fans excited. Leaks have suggested that two fan favourite guns are set to make a return to the franchise. One of which being arguable the most requested and most popular weapon ever to be in a Call of Duty game, both looking like they will release in season 5

Each season adds new weapons to the game, but they never get announced until the season drops. However, data miners are able to scour the games files for mentions of new weapons and leak them months in advance. Which is the reason we knew which weapons were coming to season 4 months ago.

New files were added to the game in season 4, and data miners have shared their findings online. The files reference two guns not currently found in the game: the Intervention, and the SPAS-12, the insanely popular guns both found in Modern Warfare 2.

Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have commented on the leak, which is not surprising as they have never commented on any of the previous leaks, and we can’t be certain wether these weapons will come later in season 4 or if we’ll have to wait to season 5 to see them added to the game, but after seeing them added to the game files, we can be almost certain they’re coming at some point.

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