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Big changes are coming to Stadium in Warzone

It’s the most controversial place on the map.

Image Credit: Activision

Most players seems to agree that stadium is one of the worst and most disappointing areas on the map, and the ones who don’t think that, can usually be found camping on-top of it with a sniper rifle. It doesn’t serve a purpose in the way of gameplay.

It usually just gets in the way when moving around the map, or causes a really frustrating end zone when the final circle seems to favour the roof of the stadium and you’re stuck on the ground. The roof is too open to offer any real advantage.

Could that all be about to change? A recent leak suggest so. Evidence has emerged thanks to the data miners who scoured through the games code and files. They found evidence that the stadium now has an interior and could be opening up at some point during season 4.

The leak comes from Modern Warzone who tweeted out the findings, on top of this they say “transit train areas” have been found under the map, as well as finding code for a moving train.

Areas can be found around Verdansk which lead to underground transit areas, like the one in the apartment complex which has an entrance to a “metro” between the buildings. The train could form a new kind of travel system for players to get around the map, or it could just be a new underground area to explore with non ride-able trains that kill anyone unlucky enough to spend too long on the tracks. We’ll have to wait and see.

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