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Animal Crossing: Everything you need to know about Acorn & Pine Cone DIYS

So here we are, finally September has arrived. It comes with the fall the beautiful orange-yellow hues on the island and it also brings with it a host of new seasonal items.

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So with the new season comes with it the introduction to pine cones and acorns across the island. You can find these by shaking them from trees. There are often rare to find and you can be shaking that tree for a while, you will most likely get plenty of sticks but don’t give up they are definetley out there.

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Now they are only available for a limited time, as they are seasonal you will only be able to find these during the Fall seasons which are September, October and November.

You can find pine cones in the Cedar trees and acorns in the Hardwood trees on your island. There is an unlimited amount you can gather from the trees so no need to wait until it resets the next day, so if you are in need of materials for your crafts just shake until you have enough of what you need.

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Pine cones and acorns able you to create new crafts with seasonal DIYS you can collect. You can find these by popping balloons or in glass bottles on the beach.


There is a full set of seasonal items you can craft via DIY recipes. These are as follows:

  • Leaf Campfire
  • Acorn Pochette
  • Pile of Leaves
  • Traditional Balancing Toy
  • Pine Bonsai Tree
  • Tree’s Bounty Arch
  • Tree’s Bounty Big Tree
  • Tree’s Bounty Lamp
  • Tree’s Bounty Little Tree
  • Tree’s Bounty Mobile
  • Yellow Leaf Pile

Every player will be given the Tree’s Little Bounty recipe as Isabelle will send that out to everyone, she will tell you this information during the morning annoucements.

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All of these recipes require either pine cones or acorns, so get collecting and craft as much as you can before the fall season passes. However you can always visit a friend in the Southern Hemisphere later in the year if you need more supplies as their fall starts from March.

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