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Every Mushroom DIY Recipe Revealed!

November is almost upon us, and we all know what that means.. Yes mushroom season is almost here.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons mushroom season begins at the start of November and players are already excited at the DIY possibilites. The most sought after item in the mushroom series is of course the mush lamp!

Players are eaglerly waiting to get their hands on the coveted mushroom lamp. So here is your chance to prepare yourself and get ready for what to expect this mushroom season.

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Not only can you use the mushrooms for special DIY recipes they add a unique fall look to your island. You can also use them for decrotive purposes as they do look great amongst your island decor.

There are 12 items to craft in the mushroom DIY series:

  1. Forest Flooring

This is the only flooring item from the mushroom theme that is available to players so be sure to grab it while you can. You can also get the forest wallpaper to compliment it if you want to opt for the full set. It gives such a fantastic autmn look to your home.

2. Mush Umbrella

This is such a cute fall accessory, it looks just like your holding a giant mushroom. It is so cute when teamed up with a fall outfit.

3. Forest Wall

This one of the two wallpapers in the mushroom DIY series, it needs quite a lot of materials to craft this item so make you harvest each mushtoom type before you start crafting.

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4. Mush Low Stool

This is such a simple craft as it only requires two round mushrooms. It is the most adorable furniture to add to your fall set and matched perfectly with the mush table.

5. Mushroom Wreath

All player will receive this DIY first in the season as it is gifted by Isabelle to get you started on the first of November. She will hand this out during her daily announcement.

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6. Mush Wall

This is the second of the craftable wallpapers for this mushroom series. Again with this craft players require multiple mushrooms in order to complete.

7. Mushroom Wand

This is another handheld item that is craftable in this series. The wand gives players the ability to change outfits while holding the wand.

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8. Mush Lamp

This is by far the most coveted item in the mushroom crafting series, player are always keen to get these lamps in their possession. It is a simple craft players are able to create with ease, they are also customisable in a range of different colours.

9. Mush Partition

This is another simple and easy craft for players as the recipe only calls for skinny mushrooms which can be easily harvested. It matches with the stool and table perfectly.

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10. Mush Parasol

This furniture item is another easy craft for players this mushroom season. It is such a fantastic decor peice to really get you in the fall spirit.

11. Mush Table

Players can use this table to add some fall decor to their islands, it also matches perfectly with the mush stools. It is also possible for you to customise this item.

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12. Mush Log

This can also be used as a chair, this will be the perfect addition to any fall set up. It can be placed anywhere on your island and will look fantastic this muhshroom season.

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