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Every multiplayer mode in Black Ops Cold War revealed


Black Ops Cold War is set to feature some old classic multiplayer modes but they’ve also mixed it up with the addition of some brand new ones.

Many fans of the game will know already some of the iconic multiplayer modes that have features throughout the series, however Black Ops Cold War will be bringing with it a mix of old and new modes when it launches.

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The new playlists will be an interesting mix of gunfights, slayer, deathmatches and more. This has intrigued players as there is something for everyone involved in this release.

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Here is every mode there that will be included in Black Ops Cold War:

Kill Confirmed

This mode has a similar feel to Team Deathmatch, except the goal is for you and your team to gather as many dog tags as possible. You can do this after you confirm a kill, a dog tag will show itself next to the body, be sure to collect these otherwise your kills won’t count.

Team Deathmatch

This main goal of this mode is for your team to collect as many kills as possible, players will be divided into smaller teams and have the chance to battle across many maps.


In this mode both teams main focus will be the same capture point, there will be a hardpoint (AKA the hill) which will rotate around once every minute and make it’s way through different areas on the map.

The first team to collect 250 point will be crowned the winner, to earn points you must stay inside of the hill, when there is no enemies in close proximity you will start to gather points.

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This mode has proved to be one of the popular modes in the series, the main aims are to control the map and secure flags, although kills still add value in this mode, they won’t help you earn any points.

Points will start being award for each flag you manage to control, there is 3 flags in total, on close to your spawn area, one in the middle of the map and one close to the enemies team spawn area.

Search and Destroy

This mode is another iconic play from the Cod series in which teams take it in turns to both attack and also defend two bomb sites which are located across the map.


This mode follows the same set up as a deathmatch, however without having any teammates. You will be playing solo against other solo player. It is a more simple mode where you can shoot without having to think of reach other goals, there is a time limit however so its wise to try and always still ahead.

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VIP Escort

This mode is brand new from Black Ops Cold War, the aim of this mode is to protect the VIP with your life as you escort them across the map. The VIP is selected from your team, and they must then make it to one of the exfil sites located on the map.

To confirm a win for your team you must deliver the VIP to this area unharmed, or you can also wipe out the other team in its entirety to secure a win.


Control is a fairly new mode to the game, it was first introduced in Black Ops 4. Players are given 90 seconds to defend and attack two different capture points,

Once one of the sites in secured, this will add extra time onto the clock so your team can work on the other site, the team on the attack side must clear enemies out of the site in order to secure it, to win the round both sites must be captured, then you swap sides.

The defence team must be keep enemies away from the to sites, and must continue to do so for the whole round in order to take the crown. The first team to win 3 round will be the overall winner.

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Combined Arms: Assault

This mode will immerse players into 12v12 battles, there will be only one capture point that be located in the centre of the map, after a team has captured it, it will spawn again in another location that is closer to the enemy teams base.

Combined Arms: Domination

This mode again is another 12v12 set up however players will be immersed in much larger battlefields with a large amount of vehicles. There will also be significantly more flags located across the map. The first team to collect 400 points will take the crown.


Gunfight will be returning once again, after it has previously appeared in Modern Warfare. The game is a 2v2 set up and player will battle it out on the smallest maps in the game. To win there are only 2 kills required, and move on to the next round.

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Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

This is a brand new mode in Black Ops Cold War, and is one of the largest to date as it allows up to 40 players. It consists of 10 teams of 4 who are then places around one the largest maps.

The aim is to collect Uranium which can be found by killing enemies and opening chests, once collected you must take it to the closest bomb site. When there is sufficient at the bomb site, this will then create a radiation wave to cover the map, any enemies who happen to be in the radiation area will be instantly wiped out.

Through all of this the teams will gather points, the first to hit the point total will be the winner.

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