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Empty seats at Detroit Lions game filled by Animal Crossing Villagers


Fans were surprised to see the crowd at a the Detriot Lions Stadium packed out with characters from the popular game Animal Crossing.

The game was between the Detroit Lions and the Indianapolis Colts at the Detroit Lions Stadium. Teams have recently been coming up with creative ideas to help fill their otherwise empty stadiums.

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This has been a concern for teams, especially during broadcasts when rows of empty seats are shown. However the Lions used their creativity and filled their seats with custom villagers from the viral game Animal Crossing.

Fans were quick to notice this addition to the stadium as they watched the broadcast eagerly, with many taking to social media to share their discovery.

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This isn’t the first time they have used Animal Crossing though as they also used it earlier in the year to announce their schedule for 2020. As Animal Crossing becomes more and more popular worldwide, even more brands and businesses are using the fan favourite game in their marketing stratergies.

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