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Easter Egg Hunters are being Killed by Cheaters Hiding under Map

Players have reported that it has become almost impossible to complete the Season 6 Easter egg as cheaters are hiding under the map and killing those who try before they have the chance.

It didn’t take long for gamers to discover what they needed to do in order to get the Firebrand Bruen Mk9 blueprint, word quickly spread with many players trying to complete it.

You will quite likely see players that are landing at the bank in Downtown, trying to start the beginning of their journey with the almighty weapon already in tow.

As many players are attempting this there are some players out there who want to make sure they don’t achieve this. There has been a number of cheaters who are trying to stop anyone from completing this and they have found a way to do it by using a glitch.

These cheaters are waiting on their prey by hiding under the map using a glitch so anyone that attempts to complete this Easter egg doesn’t stand a fighting chance.

Players expect dropping at the bank and maybe taking part in some battles but this is a whole other ball game with players so obviously cheating without a care if they’re caught.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either, it has been reported by players since the beginning of Season 6, but as time progresses unfortunately more and more players are finding out how to get below the map, causing frustration to players who just want to complete their mission.

These turn of events serves as a warning to any player attempting this or even just when going to Verdansk airport subway, you can never known who could be waiting for you in the depths.

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