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Dramatic changes to TTK in Black Ops Cold War

The time to kill (TTK) is an important aspect in any Call of Duty game and it appears to be changing drastically in Black Ops Cold War compared to Modern Warfare.

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TTK has always changed slightly between different Call of Duty games, some have favoured a quicker time to kill, while others – like Black Ops 4 have given players a lot more health.

It would be a frustrating experience if players were dying far too quickly, or if they were absorbing far too much damage before being killed. So it’s no surprise that it’s an important talking point within the community.

With the recent reveal of Black Ops Cold War, we got our first look at multiplayer footage. It shows what maps, modes and features we can expect from the game, but it has also given fans a chance to fully break down any mechanic changes.

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TheXclusiveAce had a chance to play the Alpha playtest, allowing him to uncover the “rate of fire values of every gun in the Alpha build of the game”. Using this information, he was able to put together an accurate assessment of the games TTK. Here is what we can learn from the breakdown:

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Black Ops Cold War will be the second game in Call of Duty’s history to give the player 150HP in total. A significant bump from the 100HP in every Call of Duty game other than Black Ops 4.

A result of this is that TTK in Black Ops Cold War appears to be closer to that of the TTK in Black Ops 4 than any other game. Data was collected with body shots in the Alpha build, and used 3 different weapon types. Assault Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs. The image below shows how each category compares to Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4.

Image credit: TheXclusiveAce

The average TTK is higher than that of Modern Warfare. With most SMGs in MW taking down enemies in 175 milliseconds, but in Clod War it takes 275 milliseconds, only a slight decrease from Black Ops 4.

Health bars have also made a return to the game, and they present damage in two ways. For a body shot, you will see a white chunk of health taken away and a headshot will remove a yellow chunk from the bar.

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