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Don’t Miss the Last Bug off Event

It is almost that time again when another Bug Off event looms closer. The event will be taking place this Saturday on September 26th.

This is the last event of the year for the Northern Hemisphere, and as usual the event will be run by Flick. You can find him waiting for you in the plaza brandishing his bug net.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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The event will take place from 9AM until 6PM, so make sure you tune in between these times a give it your best shot, with plenty of bugs to be caught you can rack uop quite a few points this event.

The points you earn as you catch different bugs throughout the day are available to be exchanged for limited edition bug themed furniture and other items.

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There are also Bug Off trophies up for grabs throughout the day aswell, these are awards when you reach certain given milestones throughout the competition.

This is the last Bug Off event for the Northern Hemisphere as it is only a summer event, players in the north won’t have another chance to particpate in this event again until next June.

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If your situated in the Southern Hemisphere the first Bug Off event will be taking place in November and will run until February.

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