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DICE have started to tease Battlefield 6

The official Twitter account for the series disappeared earlier today.

Image credit: DICE

Eagle eyed fans of the series have spotted what could only be described as teases for a new entry. Clues have been found on Twitter that suggest developer DICE is working on something to show us fairly soon. - Big savings on official Steam games

Twitter user DANNYonPC discovered that the official Twitter account for the series had vanished for the platform. Searching for ‘@Battlefield’ now returns no results. Along with this, all the tweets from that account had also dissapeared.

Elsewhere on the internet, YouTuber JackFrags posted a new video earlier this week, at the end of that video, at the ten minute mark, there’s a very short audio clip of a clock ticking. This might not mean anything on its own, but it seems to be paired with a comment from a DICE employee.

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Over on Twitter again, senior designer at EA DICE, Niklas Astrand responded to one of JackFrags tweets with the phrase ” Tick tick tick…” relating to the ticking sound heard at the end of JackFrags latest video.

The official Twitter account came back online a few hours later, tweeting what could only be described as a hint that the new Battlefield game would be similar to Battlefield 3.

There has been no official announcement yet, but a report earlier this year also suggested the next game would be returning to a modern day setting like Battlefield 3, after focusing on the first and second world wars for its two recent releases.

EA announced that a new Battlefield game was in the works last year, possibly titled Battlefield 6. They confirmed the game would release in the 2022 financial year, which runs from April 2021 to March 2022. Previous titles have tended to release in the Autumn, which would likely mean the new game would release in October or November of 2021, if they followed the same release pattern. - Big savings on official Steam games

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