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Cyberpunk 2077: Players are running so fast cars are unable to load in new dodge glitch

Players have been experimenting with different ways to run as fast as possible since the games release in December, however thanks to a new glitch players are taking running speeds to the next level.

The discovery was made by Reddit User ‘Strikielol’ who took to the platform to upload a clip of the exploit in action.

Insane Speed New Glitch without slow time Super EASY to do from r/cyberpunkgame

The footage shows the player running at an insane accelerated speed down the highway, before going on to say that it is ‘super easy to do’. Here’s how you can do it:

Firstly players must be able to carry out dodges in mid air, this can be achieved by equipping the Manoeuvring System Cyberware mod into a Nervous System slot, the mod can be acquired from Octavio’s Clinic at Arroyo in Santa Domingo.

The next step is to jump and then before hitting the ground, dash forward. It can be a little tricky at first to get the timing spot on, but as the momentum is building you are able to move at lightning speed.

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This speed however is obviously faster than the games developers had in mind, as it can be seen in the clip the cars popping in and out as he races by. The speed in which he is running does not allow the cars to completely load, giving it an almost glitchy appearance as he speeds by.

There has been other methods tried by players since the games release, however so far this looks like the best and easiest one we have seen as it does not require time to slow down.

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