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Cyberpunk 2077 now has Official Modding Tools and Support


CDPR have made the modding community very happy today by making a set of tool which help with the creation of mods for the game.

One of the best features of Cyberpunk 2077 is the ability to create different mods in the game, since the games release fans have been busy creating a host of new mods and fancy cosmetics.

However now, CDPR have took the initiative to create an official modding kit for the game, this should allow players to let out their creative side and make it much easier to execute some cool mods.

On the modding support website, the developers have stated “tools will continuously be updated alongside with game patches to ensure compatibility”. Hopefully this information means that there could be a series of more custom tools that are on their way, although they have created an official mod kit it only seems to include a few features.

Currently it includes:-

  • Archive Dump – This is a utility that provides a list of the contents in the game data archives.
  • Metadata – This is required by some of the tools.
  • TweakDump – This tool allows listing of contents of game Tweak db binaries.
  • Tweak DB IDs: This is a list of IDDS in the Tweak DB entries.

The game has recently just received its first major update in a bid to rectify the game oif the major bugs it was facing after its release. However the new update seems to have been met with some issues of its own.

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Although you don’t need the official modding kit to make some changes in your game, it certainly does help and give games some other options to customise their game play.

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