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Cyberpunk 2077: New Update Has Broken The Game


Fans have been waiting eagerly for the game to be updated, hopefully to rule out some of the issues they have been facing since the games release, however it seems after the latest patch it has actually caused more issues.

After Cyberpunk 2077 received Patch 1.1, several issues that had been causing trouble for players since the games release have been rectified. However this hasn’t stopped new problems arising almost immediately after the update took place.

CD Projekt Red are working hard to rectify the issues players have faced with the game.

The game was initially launched back in December last year and faced a series of issues with players complaining the game was filled with bugs.

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The majority of the complaints were coming from players using PS4 and Xbox One consoles, players were left frustrated claiming the game was almost unplayable due to crashing and slow frame rates.

After these complaints arose, the games developers CD Projekt Red started working on a patch to fix these issues, the patch was implemented this week and unfortunately has lead to causing even bigger problems.

The main issues appears to be in the quest Down on the Street when V takes a video call from Takemura. This is where is all goes wrong as he will just stare into the distance, unable to progress forward which breaks the game, leaving them soft-locked and stuck in limbo.

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Despite the fact this game had a lengthy time in the making and its incredible budget, the games developers are still left fighting to fix issues that have arose since the games launch.

Players are left hoping that CD Projekt Red are aware of the situation and are cooking up yet another way to fix this issue, let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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