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Cyberpunk 2077: Major Features Such as 3rd Person and Wall Running Scrapped


A recent report has revealed a series of features that were scrapped during Cyerpunks development.

Cyberpunk 2077 was met with mixed reviews by players when it released back in December 2020, it seemed that players using PS4 and Xbox One consoles were left frustrated when they were met with a host of game breaking bugs, whereas PC and next-gen console users were receiving the experience they expected from the game. Following this CD Projekt offered all those who had been affected by these issues refunds.

It was then revealed by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier on January 15th, that the game could have had a very different look, reports showed that some major features had even been scrapped during the development process.

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It was also reported that the game was initially going to be a 3rd person game, up until 2016. However it seemed difficult to imagine a 3rd person set up, given the perspective we saw at launch during December.

Schreier took to Twitter to share the news with fans, he has this to say “If you’re wondering just how much Cyberpunk 2077 changed over the past decade: well, up until 2016, it was a third-person game. Features that were originally envisioned (wall running, flying cars, car ambuashes) were cut along the way (not atypical in game development)”.

(However players can still be taxied in flying cars, as they haven’t been scrapped in their entirety from the game.)

He also went on to reveal that the policing system was all created at last minute, “And if you’re wondering why the police system in Cyberpunk 2077 is so janky: well, it was all done at the last minute.”

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Fans still are curious if CD Projekt have learned from the initial issues in the game, we guess only time will tell. In the meantime we can all still get excited about what the future holds for Cyberpunk.

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